6G White Paper on Validation and Trials for Verticals towards 2030’s

This white paper discusses the different business verticals that are expected to gain productivity enhancements with the introduction of B5G/6G wireless services. It is evident that wireless offers benefits when the use case exhibits mobility, and requires nomadic behavior or flexibility. In some situations, costs may favor wireless solutions (e.g. retrofitting). In many cases, however, a fiber optic solution remains a viable approach. Based on revenue expansion potential and the most opportunity-rich verticals, we have selected seven vertical businesses and future software-based testing for discussion: industry4.0; future mobility; eHealth; energy; finance and banking; public safety; and agribusiness. We describe the drivers in the respective verticals and the expected change. We also highlight the features within verticals that may require 6G capabilities and make an initial attempt to provide some key performance and value indicators for vertical businesses, highlighting the divergence in requirements to be experienced in the 2030s. We conclude the discussion by proposing some guidelines for trialing and validation activities within verticals to agree golden references that set a reference baseline against which any system provider can test their solutions. Finally, out of the white paper, we have formulated critical research questions to be answered during this decade to provide the foreseen vertical-specific solutions.

Pouttu Ari (ed.)

Publication type:
White Paper

6G research visions

Place of publication:
Oulu : University of Oulu

6G Publication

June 30, 2020

Full citation:
Pouttu, A. (Ed.). (2020). 6G White Paper on Validation and Trials for Verticals towards 2030’s [White paper]. (6G Research Visions, No. 4). University of Oulu. http://urn.fi/urn:isbn:9789526226811

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