Academic Recognition of Fab Academy

Maker educations and distributed educations are increasing in quantity and quality. This gives a possibility for academia to tap into interesting sources of knowledge outside the physical parameters of the institution, as well as outside formal education and traditional learning methods. However, academic recognition of such learning can be challenging. We explore Fab Academy in comparison with a current university course with the same topic; the amount of work by university standards and whether the assessment methods of Fab Academy are sufficient for academic recognition. The workload of Fab Academy is calculated based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The contents are compared based on the range of subjects and the deliverables required to pass the courses. We find Fab Academy to be compatible with the university course. Hence, we consider it possible to include in university curriculum Fab Academy content accredited by different universities.

Ylioja Jani, Georgiev Georgi V., Sánchez Iván, Riekki Jukka

Publication type:
A4 Article in conference proceedings

Place of publication:
Proceedings of the FabLearn Europe 2019 Conference , 28-29 May, Oulu, Finland

Academic Recognition, Distance Learning, Distributed Learning, Fab Academy, Fab lab

28 May 2019

Full citation:
Jani Ylioja, Georgi V. Georgiev, Iván Sánchez, and Jukka Riekki. 2019. Academic Recognition of Fab Academy. In Proceedings of the FabLearn Europe 2019 Conference (FabLearn Europe ’19). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 1, 7 pages. DOI:


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