Analysis and implementation of sdf radix-2 fft processor using verilog hardware description language

This paper will study a novel system on chip (SoC) design for fast Fourier transform (FFT) module. We first explain the role and position of FFT module in a digital intelligent system. Then, the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and decimation in frequency (DIF) Radix-2 butterfly FFT algorithm is explained in detail, mathematically. In addition, the analysis of a simple pipeline FFT processor and a single-path delay feedback pipeline FFT processor based on SDF Radix-2 algorithm are discussed. Finally, the implementation and verification of proposed FFT processor are performed VERILOG hardware description language (HDL).

Lai Phuong H., Hoang Manh, Tran Viet Q., Nguyen Tung V., Truong Thien V., Nguyen Phong H.

Publication type:
A1 Journal article – refereed

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Fourier transform, FPGA, Pipeline processor, System on Chip design, VERILOG HDL


Full citation:
H. Lai, P. (2020). Analysis and implementation of SDF Radix-2 FFT processor using VERILOG Hardware Description Language. International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering, 9(4), 5185–5189.


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