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Industrial Productivity Boost

Welcome to the online workspace of Industrial Productivity Boost open innovation event!

About the Event

The open innovation event for experts on Industry 4.0 is organised by 6G Flagship programme in partnership with Nokia Oulu factory and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The event takes place in Zoom on Tuesday 28 April 2020 at 14:00-16:00 EEST. Access information will be posted here on Monday 27 April.

The ultimate goal of the event is to discover novel ideas and solutions with your fellow innovators.

We have created this workspace so that you can view beforehand the e-business cards and videos (optional) of your fellow innovators in each challenge.

The online events begins with two brief experts’ insights. You can explore the presentations via the links below:

Nokia Conscious Factory of the Future“, Heikki Romppainen, Head of Oulu Factory at Nokia

Digitalisation of Finnish Manufacturing Industry“, Marko Jurvansuu, Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

In collaboration with

Five Challenges

  • All
  • 3D positioning
  • AI
  • AR
  • asset tracking
  • broadcast
  • carbon neutrality
  • collaborative robots
  • diagnostics
  • digital twin
  • energy efficiency
  • energy harvesting
  • energy weather forecast
  • group call
  • H2H audio/video
  • navigation
  • privacy
  • push-to-talk
  • security
  • self-recovery
  • smart metering
  • telepresence
  • VR

Challenge 1 – Remote telepresence

Remote telepresence solutions are increasingly needed for use-cases such as monitoring, teaching and consulting. How to make remote presence near-instant and easy to use? How to tackle use-case specific challenges?

Paula Alavesa, Iván Sánchez and Marta Cortés, University of Oulu

Challenge 2 – Collaborative robots

In the future, different robots in various use-cases are expected to be task-adaptive with self-diagnostics and self-recovery features. What are the most challenging functionalities and capabilities of collaborative robots and how could they be solved?

Markku Hentula, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Marko Jurmu, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ilari Marstio, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Challenge 3 – Accurate indoor positioning

Today, largely limited technological solutions exist for indoor positioning to achieve centimeter level accuracy. What are the best solutions so far? What would be the most promising cost-efficient solutions? What about blue-sky possibilities?

Kari Leppänen, University of Oulu Olli Liinamaa, Nokia

Challenge 4 – Human-to-human connectivity with noise restriction

Factory foreman needs a high-performing team. How to ensure reliable and effective communication in noisy environment and disturbance from metal surfaces? When we add more features such as exclusive privacy requirement or broadcasting to many, the challenge becomes even harder.

Mika Kaivola, Nokia Ville Niemelä, University of Oulu

Challenge 5 –  Smart metering and energy control of individual machines

Power consumption is one of the biggest OPEX contributors. How can we enable individual machine power control and smart metering in a cost effective manner, without affecting the production line? With renewable energy production, one of the main challenges is storing excess energy How can we improve energy efficiency with short-term energy weather forecasts?

Ari Pouttu, University of Oulu Hamid Malik, University of Oulu

Event schedule

Step 1 Pre-preparation

  • Explore the e-business cards of your fellow innovators and facilitators under each challenge. Each person is only listed in his or her assigned challenge.
  • The slides of our experts’ insights are available for your preview.
  • If you have chosen to submit a short video pitch, please send ville.niemela@oulu.fi the link. The video will be shared in the expert’s e-business card.

Step 2 Experts’ insights, 30 mins

  • The online event on 28 April 2020 at 2:00pm EEST in Zoom begins with organiser’s welcome words and two experts’ insights:
  • Nokia Conscious Factory of the Future, Heikki Romppainen, Head of Oulu Factory at Nokia
  • “Reboot Finland IoT Factory Grand Challenges”, Marko Jurvansuu, Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Step 3 Open innovation, 40 mins

  • Five teams brainstorm on the five challenges and facilitators join the discussions.
  • Please use your full name in Zoom so that participants can read more about you in your e-business card. You can rename yourself in the “Participants” box.
  • Keep you microphone muted when you are not talking.
  • Use your video, if possible, for a more personal approach. You can Choose a Virtual Background  next to the camera icon, if you wish.
  • After the two expert presentations, join your sub-group’s Breakout Room visible at the bottom menu bar in Zoom. The rooms will be open from ~2:30 to 3.10 pm EEST. After closing, re-join to the main group for conclusions.
  • Use the Zoom Group Chat actively. Note, however, that comments written in a Breakout Room will be visible for all participants.
  • Use hashtags in the Zoom Group Chat to direct your comments for specific challenges: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  • You can request and provide support for ideas with the icons at the bottom of the “Participants” box.
  • Each team gets ready to share their best ideas and solutions with the other teams.

Step 4 Solutions and conclusions, 50 mins

  • Teams introduce their solutions and other teams and facilitators give feedback in the main room in Zoom.
  • Facilitators and (co-)organisers share their conclusions on each challenge and summarise the outcomes of the innovation event.
  • The event ends at 4 pm EEST.

Step 5 Continuing discussions

  • Challenge-based redives can be organized after the event, if a sub-group chooses to do so.

Pitching videos

Format: MP4

Orientation: Landscape

Language: English

Length: Max. 4 mins – Delivery: Provide us with a download link (Wetransfer, for example)

Deadline: Mon 27 April EOB

Send link for uploading to ville.niemela@oulu.fi

About us

6G Flagship is a vigorous research and co-creation ecosystem for 5G adoption and 6G innovation led by the University of Oulu and appointed by the Academy of Finland, a governmental funding agency for high-quality scientific research. As 5G enters its deployment phase, 6G Flagship supports global industry in the finalization of the 5G standard especially through joint projects, trials and demonstrations. At the same time, 6G Flagship experts are already working on essential technology components and solutions needed for the 2030 wireless era and seeking for major scientific breakthroughs in the interrelated domains of wireless connectivity, device and circuit technologies, distributed intelligent computing, and novel applications and services. With this approach, 6G Flagship envisions a future society, which is data-driven and enabled by near instant, unlimited wireless connectivity. The programme is operated in collaboration with Aalto University, Business Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. Currently, 6G Flagship has three company co-creators: Nokia, Keysight Technologies and InterDigital.

Nokia Oulu factory in Finland is a new product introduction (NPI) factory that produces 4G and 5G radio base stations. This Conscious Factory of the future is powered by Nokia’s own technologies. It leverages Nokia’s private wireless networks for secure and reliable connectivity for all assets within the factory. Key Conscious Factory capabilities are build on cloud-based digital data control and high level of process automation in factory manufacturing and logistics operations.

Reboot IoT Factory offers a unique opportunity to be a part of the next generation of Industry 4.0 and beyond. We bring together forerunner factories, IoT solution providers and top-class research organizations for agile co-creation and experience sharing within real-world production environments. Currently, eight forerunner factories, including Nokia-Oulu factory, offer research and development platforms for proof-of-concept experiments, which combine technology research and factory digitalization needs. Productization of these proof-of-concepts with forerunner factories as reference customers represents new business opportunities for IoT solution providers. Business impact for forerunner factories comes through the adoption of tailored IoT solutions and shared best practices, resulting in major advancements in the respective digitalization strategies. The research organisations include University of Oulu, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Åbo Akademi and Aalto University.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. is one of the leading research and technology organizations in Europe. VTT has a national mandate in Finland. We use our research and knowledge to provide expert services for our domestic and international customers and partners. VTT serves both private and public sectors and the personnel has 75 years’ experience of supporting the clients’ growth with top-level research and science-based results. VTT develops new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovation services. VTT cooperates with its customers to produce technology for business and build success and well-being for the benefit of society. VTT uses 4,000,000 hours of brainpower a year to develop new technological solutions. The benefit you gain from this spearhead research comes when we work with you to create new products, production processes, methods, and services. VTT ensures efficient utilization of science and technology with the aid of broad international cooperation and networking. VTT is part of Finland’s innovation system and operates under the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Want to know more?

If you have questions or you would like to know more about 6G Flagship research in verticals, contact

Ari Pouttu

Flagship Collaborative Projects Leader