Imagine the world in 2030 with 6G Flagship White Papers

Building the 6G Vision – Together

70 experts imagined the world in 6G. As a result, the first 6G White Paper in the world was born.

Since then, the 6G Flagship has facilitated 250 experts from 30 countries in the creation of twelve 6G White Papers, furthering the 6G vision.

World’s first 6G White Paper

6G Flagship research program has published world’s first 6G white paper which opens the floor for defining the 2030 wireless era.

The white paper “Key Drivers and Research Challenges for 6G Ubiquitous Wireless Intelligence” is based on the perspectives of 70 invited experts who participated in a special workshop at the first 6G Wireless Summit in Finnish Lapland in March 2019. The publication focuses on the key drivers, research needs, challenges, and research questions related to 6G.

6G White Papers

White Paper on 6G Drivers and the UN SDGs

White Paper on Business of 6G

6G White Paper on Validation and Trials for Verticals towards 2030’s

6G White Paper on Connectivity for Remote Areas

White Paper on 6G Networking

White Paper on Machine Learning in 6G Wireless Communication Networks

6G White Paper on Edge Intelligence

6G White Paper: Research Challenges for Trust, Security and Privacy

White Paper on Broadband Connectivity in 6G

White Paper on Critical and Massive Machine Type Communication towards 6G

6G White Paper on Localization and Sensing

White Paper on RF enabling 6G – opportunities and challenges from technology to spectrum

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